I, Hobot

I am Hobot, cyber-whore, Pick me up from hi-tech store. I know that I can never understand Why a woman has to bleed And a manÂ’s slave to his need. My circuit board is wired for your command. 
IÂ’m not cursed with libido, IÂ’ve been trained to not say no. Reality is only in the mind. There canÂ’t be an embryo, With no seed to root and grow. A fantasy is only what you find. 
IÂ’ll be gone by middle morn, Leaving only 3-D porn, YouÂ’ll never have to make it good for me. Hormones never get the best Of synthetic groin and breast. The price you pay is cheap for being free. 
My logicÂ’s strong, ItÂ’s undeniable, I am Hobot.end 

Mr. E. Bates is a poet who likens the quest for love to a foxhunt, in which it is the chase and not the kill that appeals.