The Strange Case of Nurse J. and Mistress K.

Listen ye adults to what I say,‘Bout the double life lady they dubbed Mistress K.By day, a sweet nurse at the Bedlam ward,At night, playing hell with the English Lord.Three shots of Drambuie would bring on the change,To a lady whose pleasure would come giving pain.And her reputation of breaking a man,While still giving pleasure, was known through the land.Midway through her session, the signal would be,One breast if by hand, and two if by knee.And there in the lamp light, where shadows did hide,The leather clad lady would saddle and ride.The schizoid young woman and madam of fear,Had a cat-o’-nine-tails and a straightjacket near.And those lust imprisoned, would entreat in vain,Till freedom was granted, as pleasure beat pain.The little known night in the London fog,Miss K. was out walking a man like a dog.When out of the mist came the ripper man,Who left with ripped shorts and his jewels in his hand.And scarcely a libertine living that day,Ever saw strangeness as weird as Miss K.end Mr. E. Bates is a poet who likens the quest for love to a foxhunt, in which it is the chase and not the kill that appeals.