We are nothing but a trash city. Everywhere I look, there is trash. Why do people throw their trash in the street? From their cars, their homes, and directly from their hands. People throw food wrappers, bags, and uneaten food in the street, in parking lots, and wherever they are.WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?No, don’t blame it on the increase in population or those New Orleans people; we are the problem. If you are here more than a month, this is where you live. Do you not care, are you just plain stupid, or do you have a learning disability? I am guilty of throwing my cigarette butts out at work, but I am the one who sweeps up the parking lot three times a week. I also pick up the bags, broken bottles, tickets, CDs, and the ever-so-popular DIRTY DIAPER.
WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?Are you just too lazy to wait to throw it away in a trashcan or dumpster? Should I call your mother and tell her to get her belt out and beat the sh–t out of you? I know she taught you better than that. Should I call the litter hotline and report you? Should the police write out tickets to people? I know they don’t write them for bad driving, because I see that every day with people running red lights all over town. What should we do?

I drive through my neighborhood and see where people move, and the owners just throw everything out in the street and hope the trash company picks it up. I see kids walking down my street, and when they finish their Coke®, candy, or whatever they have in their hands, they just chunk it in my yard, in the street, or in my flowerbeds. Thanks a lot, you little sh–ts. We all work hard to keep up our yards and houses, only for someone young or old to throw anything and everything in it because they’re too stupid to throw it away in a TRASHCAN.


When people come to visit the capital of Louisiana, all they see are stupid-ass people doing stupid-ass things. Are we just a throwaway society? Do we not care what we live in? All I have to say in finishing this article is this: If you see someone driving down the road and they throw ANYTHING out of their window, CALL THIS NUMBER – 1-888-548-7284 – AND REPORT THEIR STUPID ASS. The recording will ask for a license plate number, the time and place, and what they threw out.