Spooky Time Is Back Again!

Well, Tim Burton's epic stop-motion classic is back! The Nightmare Before Christmas is hitting theaters.  Again!  But this time it's in 3-D! Wait, it was in 3-D the last time it came to the movies, last year.  Okay, this time it's exactly the same as it was last year! How exciting!Seriously, along with movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas, it looks like the Halloween spirit is really driving to take over the Big Day!  Not that it'll ever happen, but if it ever happens, I think I see the way it'll play out.  Halloween steals Christmas, Christmas steals Valentine's, Valentine's takes over Easter, Easter moves in on Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving invades Yom Kippur, Yom Kippur takes out Australia Day, and screw the Aussies In more entertainment news, you ever think about the number of forms entertainment can come in?  Things originate as books and get turned into movies.  Movies get turned into TV shows.  Comics...er, I mean, graphic novels and video games can even get the silver screen treatment.  Hell, even ad campaigns can be inspiration for great (or even mediocre) storytelling.
As the fall TV season gets underway and some shows start to do really well, others will be left gasping for air.  Inevitably, the bigwigs at your favorite networks and FOX will have to cut loose some of the ballast that is keeping their Entertainment Balloons from gaining altitude.  That's when you'll start hearing the term "midseason replacement."  That's when the opportunity starts a'knocking for those shows that got passed over the first time around.  Kind of like the understudy at a theater play that prays every day that the star of the show will spill her drink, slip in the puddle, bash her head against a table, stumble clumsily up, and accidentally stick her finger in a light socket, and then fall onto a knife four or five times.

Among the secret shows waiting for their shining moment, Assmen is about a group of guys whose mothers were in donkey shows.  They try to adapt to suburban life but usually wind up hind-kicking and braying their way into trouble.  I'm sure that one will soar like an eagle.

One I'm actually hoping will happen is Villains.  It may sound like a companion piece to that Heroes show on NBC, but it's more like COPS from the bad guys’ point of view.  We get to ride alongside nefarious characters, such as Captain Badd and The Nemesis, as they plot to take out their own enemies: Truth, Justice, and those Jack in the Box® Oreo® shakes.  There is an issue of time, though, as they have to be back by their curfew.

Everyone should enjoy the story of Courage.  The title character is a lovable mutt with three legs.  He proves that you don't need all your limbs to make a difference.  All you need is heart, spirit, and Courage.  It also helps if everyone agrees not to call you "Tripod."

So, if you want to see any or all of these shows, do your best to not watch TV this fall.  Tell all your friends to talk about world events at the water cooler instead of what happened on last night's Survivor.  Or better yet, go to the movies.  Or make your own movies.  You know the kind.  Get your Handycam® in the bedroom with your best gal (this applies to you if you're a man or a woman).  Bring a couple of bottles of champagne, some candles, and some Astroglide®, and just see what happens.  You gotta do something to kill the time.  And send me video!  I'm Jimmy Faux.