Scottsdale, AZ City Council

Whenever we at Red Shtick comment on the actions of a political body, typically weÂ’re slamming them for doing something idiotic. In this case, however, weÂ’ve learned about a group of city leaders who have actually done something brave and driven by common sense. Hence, we feel that it is our duty to heap copious praise upon these elected officials, since inspirational actions such as theirs are so rare in the political realm.The city council in Scottsdale, Arizona, recently approved the liquor license application for a restaurant based in Las Vegas, Nevada, thus allowing it to open its second location in the cityÂ’s high-end Waterfront district. Even amidst the protests of a vocal minority, including Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross, these brave souls forged on and voted unanimously to give the green light to the owners of the Pink Taco Cantina.If youÂ’re wondering why Manross and a prudish few had such a problem with allowing the restaurant to open in Scottsdale, then youÂ’re in the same boat as the mayor before she was informed about the double entendre associated with the establishmentÂ’s name. Manross admitted that she never thought of it in a sexual context until opponents brought up the fact that the cantina shares its name with a slang term for a part of the female anatomy. Got it now?

ThatÂ’s the beauty of subtlety. The prudes that find it offensive likely wonÂ’t catch the sexual connotation, but the people who know what it means are likely to appreciate the attitude, not to mention the hot hostesses clad in tight pink outfits.

Manross claims she was so offended by the name, she actually asked the owner to change it, saying, “I don’t appreciate anything that offends more than half the population.” Half the population? The city received four emails objecting to the name. We had no idea that Scottsdale had only eight residents.

One of the messages received stated, “The City of Scottsdale has a very fine reputation around the world. Let’s keep the standards high. Let’s let what plays in Vegas stay in Vegas.” Apparently, someone needs to clue in this little, old, blue-haired biddy about a very successful businesswoman who relocated her empire from Sin City to Scottsdale a few years back – Jenna Jameson.

Perhaps the actions of the Scottsdale City Council could set a trend across the country. We can only hope that the Scottsdale location will prove so successful that other Pink Tacos will soon be opening up all over this great land, including Baton Rouge. Siegen Lane, where everything is booming, would be an ideal spot. Directions to the Pink Taco could be as easy as saying, “Just find Hooters, and head south. It’s the place with well-manicured landscaping, featuring exquisitely trimmed bushes.”

The original Pink Taco, which got its name from one of the dishes served there, is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. (DonÂ’t ask me how they pulled that one off; itÂ’s usually the other way around.) The Scottsdale restaurant is its second location. No word on if they plan to decorate the interior with meat curtains.