The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 44: “Adam Wilson and Josh Pinkston Take A Mulligan”

Publisher Jeremy White manages to finally get friend of the show Joshua Pinkston and “Bicoastal Hootenanny” costar Adam Wilson back together on the podcast after technical issues thwarted an attempt to record an episode at Josh’s tailgate in November.

Jeremy stumbles out the gate by completely missing an obvious current events metaphor from Joshua before the guys touch on the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict. They then dabble in a philosophical discussion about black-on-black violence.

MLB's apples weren't the only fruits on parade in New York this week.
MLB’s apples weren’t the only fruits on parade in New York this week.

Joshua hypothesizes today’s sexy, mixed-race women and a time-travel machine could perhaps erase America’s racist past. Also, Adam talks about the MLB All-Star game in New York and his exhaustive social media geocaching of the “Apples on Parade.”

The topic shifts to the front-page story of a Baton Rouge cop who was suspended for using a racial slur in a rather Tarantino-esque manner. Adam explains how the cop qualifies as someone with a real job who could lose it over a racial epithet.

Next, Joshua finally returns the favor by failing to get Jeremy’s musical reference during a discussion about Rolling Stone’s recent controversial cover. Josh and Jeremy agree with Adam it’s really just a cheap ploy by the magazine, but disagree with him when he maintains that Justin Bieber is actually trolling us by feigning utter stupidity.

Jeremy brings up the passing of LSU legend Earl Gros, the first of the five Tigerland street namesakes to die. This prompts Adam to tell a great story involving LSU legend Alvin Dark, after which Jeremy mentions the death of Baton Rouge resident and Major League Baseball star Matt Batts.


The fellas bring up the story of an outhouse built by a Baton Rouge man who lives in a home with his ex-wife and toilets that don’t flush during heavy rains. Adam recalls the dump he took at what is now the middle of an area high school gymnasium, and Josh tragically tries to top it with a rather macabre story.

Talk turns to astronauts and Jeremy mentions that time Buzz Aldrin kicked a moon landing skeptic’s ass. Other spontaneous ass whoopings come up, including ones involving Jim Rome, John Stossel, and Richard Belzer. Also, Jeremy gets Adam to talk about the time he totally pwned Jim Rome at the 2002 Sugar Bowl.

The boys put a cherry on top on the episode with talk about LSU fans who still are not over Nick Saban. The show wraps up with mentions of upcoming “Bicoastal Hootenanny” episodes and next week’s Red Shtick Podcast recording at The Station Bar & Grill.