Night Shift

As I was sitting down, getting ready to type this article, I realized that this particular piece would be published in September. Which means that, when you read this, my wedding will only be one month away. One month away, and I still have yet to pick a father-daughter song to dance to, and I have not selected the music that I will have the DJ play at my wedding.


I am a wedding reception fan. I love them. I love the meatballs almost all weddings have, I love the wedding cake, and, most of all, I love the cheesy music that is the requirement at all receptions – the stuff that nobody admits to liking, but everybody dances to when they’re drunk or dressed in formalwear or both.

Yet, in an extreme case of oxymoronism, I do not want to play most of those songs at my own wedding reception. I like to think that I am a unique person, and I want my wedding to be unique, as well, right down to the music. Which means that I am, once again, posing a question to my readers: What music would you play at your wedding reception?

I have found a couple of songs that I know I want to play. I really like the thought of playing songs that are staples at wedding receptions but are performed by different artists, so they do not sound like the standard, boring, wedding songs. For example, I know that I want to play "What a Wonderful World," but I want the RamonesÂ’ version, not Michael Buble or Louis Armstrong. So if you know of any remakes that are fun, danceable, and would make my wedding less predictable, send them to me.

It seems that my life this past month has been centered on my wedding. That includes this month's review. In order to be able to dance like a weak imitation of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, my fiancé and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons. Because we are young, and we wanted to keep the illusion in our minds that we are still cool, we decided to take swing dance/jitterbug lessons. The thought was that, one day, we would be good enough that he could throw me around the way that you see the GIs do to the "dolls" in all of those WWII movies. (Imagine our disappointment when we were told that, due to insurance reasons, we would never learn how to do any type of throws.)

Much to my fiancé’s surprise, we discovered that we genuinely like to dance…any style except for, and I cannot stress this enough, West Coast Swing. I hate it. I found out that I hated it when I went to listen and dance to a swing band and realized that they played West Coast Swing instead of the East Coast Swing that my fiancé and I had taken weeks to learn.

The band called Night Shift was very good. They were a cover band, but they were very proficient with the songs that they covered, and the lead female vocalist could sing. I enjoyed listening to them thoroughly and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to go listen to a band and dance – except when they do a cover of Prince. That would be a prime time for you to go to the bathroom. I think that nobody, with rare exceptions, should ever remake Prince or Elvis – they did it right the first time; why mess with perfection?

Well, I am a bride with a wedding countdown, so this is as long as this month's article will get – I still have wedding invitations to address. Don't forget to send those suggestions for the reception, and I swear, once the wedding is out of the way, I will once again be able to go out and search for those good bands in town so you don't have to.