My Views

Our United States Supreme Court is finally shining the light of Christian righteousness throughout this great country in the form of last monthÂ’s ruling that affirms a federal law banning partial-birth abortions. This light is, in fact, a train. ItÂ’s a great locomotive of justice rumbling through this great country that will not and cannot be stopped. 
Thankfully, some of our elected leaders in the Louisiana Legislature have recognized this illumination for what it is. Several legislators already have vowed to pass a state law in the current session to outlaw the controversial procedure in Louisiana. Let this reporter be among the first to stand up and say, “Bravo!”
While my Godless, liberal colleagues in this state hide behind the guise of objectivity, I will be among the first in the media to say itÂ’s about time someone stood up for what is right. And who better to lead the charge than the Louisiana Legislature? Why, these 144 upstanding ladies and gentlemen are the very paragon of virtue and morality in this state, at least those that have not been convicted or have charges pending.
Excluding those times when they’re emailing obscene jokes, or using State Police as their personal couriers, or handing out and accepting “campaign checks” on the Senate floor, or secretly giving free college tuition to family members and political cronies, can we find better judges of human decency and common sense? Someone must stand up for our values!
And itÂ’s not like all those folks were selling Nazi propaganda from their legislative offices. Besides, that last one was a fluke. I mean, how many times is a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard going to be elected to office in the post-Civil Rights era?
Yes, my fellow citizens, I say pass a law banning partial-birth abortions. And congratulations to our esteemed lawgivers, those who have not been caught in sexual indiscretions or arrested for having gay sex in public bathrooms or caught exposing themselves in porn shops, for finally having the moral conviction to say that the sacred procreative act must be protected.

Amen and God bless America! Except, of course, when those blessings come from pedophiles.