HuntinÂ’ Safety Tips

Folks, hunting season is upon us again. For all you hunters out there, we wish you good luck this year, and we would like to remind yÂ’all to be safe out there. Over the years, weÂ’ve had our own close calls hunting, so we decided to share some of our safety tips with yÂ’all.

•    Always wear your hunterÂ’s orange vest. Never take it off and place it on the deer you just shot to remember where it is, while you go get your four-wheeler to haul it back to camp. People will shoot at you.


•    Never climb up a tree with a loaded gun. It might go off by your head, and you want be able to hear the rest of the day.

•    Be aware of your surroundings when using the bathroom outdoors. Snakes are still active during the early part of the season. One might scare you, and you might end up running back to the camp without your pants.

•    Always carry toilet paper with you. If you have to go to the bathroom, never use leaves. You might end up wit poison ivy.

•    If you decide to hunt out of a tree stand, make sure to strap yourself in. Otherwise, you could fall asleep and fall out.

•    If you decide to take a nap in your stand, you might want to take off some of your camo and expose yourself, or else you might wake up with a raccoon in your lap.

•    When hunting with dogs, properly identify the game animal before you shoot. You might end up having to pay for a $5,000 hunting dog.

•    There is a maximum limit of people for ATVs. You can get six people on one four-wheeler, but youÂ’re not supposed to.

•    Always bring your gun with you when you check on a wild hog you just shot. It might not be dead yet.

•    When hunting waterfowl, make sure you and your hunting partner agree on firing zones, or somebody might get their ass kicked.

•    When hunting turkey, do not forget to pack corn starch, ‘cause youÂ’ll get chapped ass from all the walkinÂ’.

•    When squirrel hunting, be sure to use the right firearms. You canÂ’t do much with little bits of squirrel.

•    Never squirrel hunt with a Daisy BB gun. The BBs just bounce off the animal and piss it off. Then it will chase you all the way back to the camp.

•    When you get back to camp, always lie about your hunt.

If you guys remember these tips of ours, you should have a good huntinÂ’ season.

Be safe and drink a cold one for us!

Justin & Donnie Ray

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