The Digital Crackhead: November Releases Reviewed

·        Resident Evil®: The Umbrella Chronicles  (WII) – That umbrella ought to come in handy since itÂ’s raining sh–tty video games.·        Painkiller: Overdose  (PC) – Boredom: Overdose.
·        WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008  (X360, PS2, PS3, WII, PSP, DS) – Rednecks and mildly retarded people are already camping out for this gameÂ’s midnight release.·        Bee Movie™ Game (X360, WII, PC, PS2) – “As fun as getting attacked by killer bees!”
·        Naruto™: Rise of a Ninja  (X360) – A rise in my pants.·        TimeShift™  (PC, X360) – YouÂ’ll wish that you could actually reverse time after wasting it on this game.
·        Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games™  (WII) – Mario™ and Sonic™ in the same game!?  The apocalypse is nigh.
·        Soulcalibur Legends™  (WII) – A SOULCALIBURtitle thatÂ’s NOT A FIGHTING GAME? Harakiri is the only chance the makers of this game have for redemption.
·        Switchball™ (X360) – A testes-based puzzle game.  Have fun!
·        Fashion Designer (DS) – Surpassed in gayness only by last monthÂ’s Manhunter 2, this game is playable exclusively on the pink Nintendo DS.