The Bicoastal Hootenanny 0033: “It’s a Wonder He Didn’t Think They Were Still in Chicago”

Pretentious friends… we’ve all got them. Spiders… we all fear them (right?).

Nate starts off this week’s episode bitching about a pretentious friend and a black widow spider. Meanwhile, Adam rags on Nate for being uncomfortable/afraid of roller coasters.

In “JD’s Office” the boys are joined by Hootenanny favorite and Family Dinner improv veteran, James “The Godfather of Drôle” Brown. James discusses the milestone 500th show he just performed in with the Baton Rouge-based improv troupe. Nate praises Insidious 2 despite his experience being nearly ruined by a rude gaggle of “Middle-Eastern gentlemen” and shitty friends that don’t have his back.

The St. Louis... who?
The St. Louis… who?
Back to Florida we go in “The Probe“… this time for a little role-reversal. Yes, you guessed it! A white woman- who once gained brief notoriety as “Hiccup Girl“- was recently convicted of first degree murder. While the boys marvel at this racial flip-flop, Nate drops a bomb about Hiccup Girl’s…um… “associates”- which suddenly makes the situation more understandable.  Also, Adam gets a little hot under the collar when he hears news that a recently retired MMA fighter has challenged Michael Vick to a fight to “gain redemption.”

Adam’s losing streak to Frizzell comes to an end, as he takes week 4 of First Down and Balls. It’s a tight race with plenty of football left to play this season. This week in “Balls“, James Brown joins them… and takes not knowing team mascots to a whole new level.

Stay tuned next week, as Nate won’t be quite so tired and stupid (we hope) and Adam won’t be so angry (bullshit).

[Explicit language]

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