Sihanoukville Nightlife after Six

Situated on the Golf of Thailand, Sihanoukville is regarded as "Asia's next trendsetting beach" by the New York Times and there are solid reasons behind this claim. Besides its lovely beaches, friendly local community, rich historical background, fresh seafood, delicious Khmer cuisine, there is a lot to enjoy in Sihanoukville. Whether you are planning a trip with your family or you want to come alone, this beautiful beach resort has everything you need to make for a great vacation destination. There are many places to visit and many activities to perform on the white sandy beaches during the daytime, and when the sun goes down, you can enjoy Sihanoukville nightlife at its best on the same sandy beaches.


To enjoy Sihanoukville nightlife at its best, you can either choose a pub, nightclub, BBQ restaurant, or a bar found along or within walking distance of one of its many popular beaches including Victory beach, Ochheuteal beach, or Serendipity beach. All of the Sihanoukville bars located on these beaches offer cheap beer, fresh seafood BBQ, cocktails, fresh juices, and much more to enjoy your night stay. If you are planning to stay at Victory beach, your best bet is to try Sihanoukville bars found around the golden lion roundabout or in the victory hill area. If you are planning to visit downtown, you can visit the hunny bunny bar and freedom bar. On the Ochheuteal beach, you can either go to the Jack Shack bar, the Dolphin, or Chivas shack to enjoy happy hours of beer and mingle with fun loving people.


The nightlife scene in Sihanoukville has changed quite dramatically over the past few years, thanks to the active participation and involvement of many expats who have invested huge sums and time in improving the nightlife landscape in Sihanoukville. You will now be able to notice a lot of improvement in the standards of these Sihanoukville bars, casinos, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants. These bars now offer a wide range of beer, liquor, and other forms of alcoholic beverages. Most of these Sihanoukville bars also run happy hours and specific day specials for ladies and gents where they are able to enjoy cheap beer and other alcoholic beverages at discounted prices.


You will also be able to listen to a lot of western music playing in many bars and nightclubs. Huge dancing floors, western music, colorful lighting and ready availability of cheap beer and other alcoholic beverages sets the tone for an ideal nighttime in Sihanoukville. Since Sihanoukville is a small city and most of the Sihanoukville bars, clubs, and pubs are located in close proximity, you will not have to spend a great deal of time finding an ideal place to enjoy the night. The attendants are usually locals, but they are able to communicate with the customers effectively and offer a great customer service. Friendly people, active and vibrant crowd, lively music, colorful lights, cheap beer all count for an ideal and an unforgettable night in Sihanoukville. 


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