The Rime of the Ancient Whoremonger

By Mr. E. BatesOf all of them I laid, And all of them I paid, With only one to ever say – “I love you.” 
She was willing and dove white, A young lady of the night, Who wanted me alone, Forever more. 
Yet being young and vain, I repaid love with pain, Rejecting the affection of a whore. 
I canÂ’t forget the wreck, Or her arms around my neck, With the deadly poison coursing through her veins. 
Now I search the whole world wide, Seeking out the seamy side, In bordellos and the sleazy red light lanes. Slimy sluts with sweaty butts, who sleep on semen stains. 
Trying to teach the fallen ones, To repent the deeds theyÂ’ve done, While they only want to hit me up for drinks. Harlots, harlots everywhere – but not a one that thinks. 
Hence the answer comes to this. DonÂ’t reject a true loveÂ’s kiss, In searching for what ye may never find. For the good bird in oneÂ’s hand, Though you seek throughout the land, Is worth more than a thousand in the blind. End. 

Mr. E. Bates is a poet who likens the quest for love to a foxhunt, in which it is the chase and not the kill that appeals.