Red Stick’s Raucous Royalty

Thanks to the peculiarities of the Catholic calendar, Mardi Gras is extraordinarily early this year. Fat Tuesday falls on February 5, which means that we don’t even get a full month of King Cake season. With so many diabetics in Louisiana, though, maybe that’s a good thing.It also means that the Spanish Town Parade, by far the largest one in Baton Rouge, falls on Saturday, February 2. Since the parade rolls on Groundhog Day, the theme of this year’s festivities is “Flamingeaux Phil Predicts.” What does he predict? How about a great time and a massive hangover?The Spanish Town Ball will be held at the River Center on Saturday, January 19. As usual, it sold out about as fast as a Hannah Montana concert. If you want to go and you didn’t get a ticket, try your luck on their website. You might be able to score a couple at The good thing about that is, if the prospective seller asks you to flash your breasts, you can always send him a picture of someone else’s boobs.This year’s King is attorney and historical conservationist, Daniel J. “Danny” McGlynn. The Baton Rouge native has an ownership/partnership in Circa 1857, the Law Firm of McGlynn, Glisson & Koch, and the downtown hot spot Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s. Too bad he doesn’t have the muscle to influence the pinheads at the City-Parish into allowing the parade to once again pass down Third Street, in front of his own nightclub.

Queen Aline Elizabeth “Buffy” Struppeck not only has one of the best names of any queen, but she’s the first third-generation queen of Spanish Town. Her grandmother, Elizabeth Hamilton, reigned in 1989, while her mother, Lurline Hamilton, was a dignitary in 1996. This royal lineage makes Queen Buffy a true blue blood. On second thought, since this is Spanish Town, she’s probably a pink blood.

The Grand Marshal for 2008 is Alonzo “Lonnie” Hunter. Anyone who knows Lonnie grasps the irony of the title “dignitary.” It’s akin to calling Judge Don Johnson “honorable.”

On December 7, 2007, about 1,000 people attended the annual coronation party at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s, including club proprietors Marcie and Dennis Hargroder, Mayor Kip Holden, and Southern University Athletic Director Greg LaFleur. Revelers enjoyed the cultural music of Grammy nominated Cajun musician Al Berard and Zydeco diva Donna Angelle and The Zydeco Posse.

We’ve included some incriminating photos from that event. Several more, along with additional information about the ball and parade, can be found on the aforementioned website.