Ray C. at the Bat

Talking ‘bout the mighty Ray C., Steroid-pumped-up, hitting man. And the lady known as Lacy, 
Would he make the one-night stand?Parked beside the moonlit lakeshore, On that steamy Bloodville night. His attempt to make the big score, And to win the age-old fight.Bunt to first, then stealing second. Ray C. lets the bra strap fly. Disregards imagined park taunt, Now he makes the college try.As he has his hand imbedded, In the lady’s private thing. This is where his swing was headed, But dismayed, he finds the string.
Sliding from the hard-fought home plate, After losing that last bout. Joyless was that night in Bloodville, Mighty Ray C. had struck out.end

Mr. E. Bates is a poet who likens the quest for love to a foxhunt, in which it is the chase and not the kill that appeals.