Mindfulness Training: How to Do It

Sometimes, you might regret over the past or worry about the future too much that it causes anxiety. Mindfulness meditation is useful in solving such problems since it helps you focus your thoughts and emotions on the present moment.
Although it takes time to master the art of mindfulness, practising can help you become an expert at meditating. The most significant benefits of this practice include reduced stress and anxiety, as well as improved mental health.
There are multiple ways to practice mindfulness training, but it generally involves breathing, mental imagery, relaxation, and more importantly, utmost concentration.

Mindfulness Training Techniques
Mindfulness training is straightforward enough to do yourself, but it would be best if you had an instructor. The following are the steps you should follow when engaging in this practice.
1. Find a quiet place and sit in an upright and comfortable posture.
2. Focus your thoughts on the present moment – avoid thinking about the past and worrying about the future.
3. Pay attention to your breath, especially air as it moves in and out of your body when you breathe.
4. Watch different thoughts as they pass through your mind. Remember, you should only note them without reacting or judging.
5. If you start reacting to your thoughts, do not self-deprecate. Observe where your mind wandered to and return to breathing.
6. Repeat these steps until you feel satisfied.

Alternative Methods of Mindfulness Training
It is not mandatory to be seated when practising mindfulness – you could also do integrate the practice into other activities.

Here are other ways of conducting mindfulness training.
Brushing Your Teeth
Since brushing is a daily activity, it is an excellent opportunity to integrate mindfulness into your routine. As you brush, feel your feet on the ground, the toothbrush in your, your arm movements.
Most people like exercising while listening to music. While this makes you train quicker, it disturbs the quiet in your brain. Instead, you should turn off all distractions and focus on your breathing as you work out.
Mindfulness has numerous benefits – even if you practice for only a few minutes daily, it can significantly improve your overall wellbeing.
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