Getting the Right On-Screen Talent for Video Production

Video production can be an important tool for digitally marketing your brand, and if you are planning on working with Digital District to market your product through video production, there are certain things you will want to consider when it comes to the on-screen talent for your video. Getting the right on-screen talent is critical to successful video marketing, and so it will help to have some tips on what to look for.


It might be tempting to use amateur actors over professional actors to save costs, but the truth is that professionals are likely to be the better choice in the long-run. For starters, amateurs are just that: Amateurs. They have little-to-know experience in acting, and are thus more likely to need more takes to get the performance that you want out of them. This can cost time and money. Meanwhile, professionals will likely need far fewer takes, as they are more comfortable in front of the camera and will likely require fewer takes to get the performance you want out of them. You might have to pay professionals more just to get them to be in your video than you would amateurs, but the long-term costs that amateurs may drive more than balance that out.


On the other hand, if you are looking for something more authentic for your video, sometimes amateurs can actually be the better choice. Especially if they are just customers who have used your product, and you want to capture the feeling of how regular people enjoy your product. In instances like these, professional actors can sometimes not come across as relatable enough. Of course, for instances like these, you would want to keep any actual acting to a minimum, and would instead want to have them just talk about their experiences with your product. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to go more for marketing your product through a scripted scene or through having a customer describe his or her experience with your product, and that decision will play an important role in deciding what type of person to cast.


You will also want to consider actors that "look" the part. For example, if you are marketing in Thailand, it would be important to hire Thai actors, as your main audience would be able to identify best with them.  If you want the product in your video to be shown in a corporate environment, you will want actors that are clean, look good in suits, and can give off the appearance of looking like a professional in a professional environment. If you are marketing your product in a more casual environment, such as at the home or hanging out with friends or something along those lines, then you will want to hire actors that can look and carry themselves in a casual environment. If they come across as too professional in your video, potential customers might look at them as actors instead of as someone they can potentially relate to. Therefore, it is important to consider the environment you want your product to be shown in, and whether your actors look like it is natural for them to be in that environment.


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