The Fastest and Easiest Way to Register Your Company in Thailand

If you plan to register your company or start a business in Thailand, you need to know the ways on how to do it.

Here are some of the fastest way to register your company or business in Thailand.

  • Use the online registration
    • Nowadays, it is convenient to register your company online. And since there are lots of investors that are very interested to invest a business in Thailand, they use the online registration for a more convenient and fastest way. They are lots of available websites in the internet that offers a free online company registration. They only require some information in order to complete the whole process.
    • If you want to set up your company in Thailand by means of online registration, here’s what you need to do. First is to fill out a registration from. This will only takes 1-2 minutes. Then after doing it, you just wait for a few minutes for they now create your documents. Online registration is proven safe and they use the Thai legal format of doing the documents. If you need for more information or you want to ask something important, you can ask them face to face. After they already registered your company, important documents will be send by mail or personally.
  • Find a Thai business partner
    • One of the fastest way to start a business in Thailand is to have a Thai business partner. If you want to succeed, you need to find a business partner that is knowledgeable enough in terms of starting up a business especially in Thailand. But you need to choose the best and the right person who you can be trusted of your money. You need to find a Thai person that has the skills and abilities to help you start your own business. Some foreigners marry a Thai woman so that they can start a business in Thailand easily. But most importantly, you to do a background check to the person whom you are going be your business partner.
    • If you successfully find a perfect partner for your business, let the Thai person register your business to the government agency. The next thing to do is the paper works. Then after all doing the paper works, your Thai partner will now going to a government agency. He/She will going to settle the acquired taxes as well as the business license.  Since that your partner is living in Thailand, the whole process will be smooth an easy. If you want your money in a restaurant that can be found along the street of Thailand. You just need to ask your Thai partner to help you do the process. Your partner will be the one to go into a police precinct to talk about the rental fee of a particular restaurant.  You can start up any business if you have a Thai partner. But you need also to value and respect your partner as an exchange of his or her effort.

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