Cosmetic Surgery Is The New Normal

It seems as if social attitudes to cosmetic surgery are changing and it’s about time. For decades, people who looked for a bit of nip/tuck were deemed to have serious psychological or emotional issues. Apparently, the desire to improve your appearance was ‘shallow’ and was essentially the equivalent of waving the white flag in the face of social pressure. Luckily, we appear to have grown up as a society and now it’s okay to get rid of those wrinkles, ensure those love handles vanish and look 10 years younger if you want.

So Why Do So Many People Want Cosmetic Surgery?
Now that the ‘taboo’ on cosmetic surgery has been lifted, more people than ever are looking to ‘have work done’. This makes us believe it was social convention that prevented people from getting nose augmentation, breast implants, liposuction etc. Therefore, it was essentially fear of being stigmatised that has prevented many people from going under the knife.

It would be remiss of us to completely ignore our changing society. Certainly, there is a greater level of pressure to look one’s best and now there are affordable cosmetic surgery options, this pressure has been cranked up a notch. Even in countries such as the United States and United Kingdom where it is rather expensive, cosmetic surgery figures have dramatically increased; this is the case despite the global economic recession.

The average cosmetic surgery patient appears to be in the 35-55 year old range. The attitude seems to be that if we pay to go to the gym to look good, why not pay for cosmetic surgery for a more profound effect?

Go Overseas & Save
Then of course we have the medical tourism industry which is worth billions of dollars a year. It involves travelling overseas and having cosmetic surgery in Thailand and other countries. The allure is pretty obvious; enjoy a few weeks in the sun and have a cosmetic procedure that makes you look thinner, fitter, younger and more desirable. Since you will be away for a while, you don’t have to recover in full view of the neighbours.

The fact that clinics in places like Thailand are more like fancy hotels than sterile clinics also helps. Pop into any Thai clinic for surgery and you’ll get room service, round the clock treatment and comfortable rooms. The surgeons are very skilled, the equipment is brand new and the staff all seem to speak English. New cosmetic surgery techniques also reduce recovery time so you have a greater opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun and experience that legendary Thai nightlife.

Now that it’s possible to look better via a quick surgical procedure at a price that won’t bankrupt you, why is everyone surprised when someone they know announces plans to have cosmetic surgery? Of course, situations like this are becoming less common because cosmetic surgery is truly becoming the new normal. We may overindulge and the aging process may be natural but we don’t have to accept the consequences when steps can be made to change things.

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