Can You Hear What I Hear?

ItÂ’s time to talk a little common sense.

Lately, there seems to be a problem with cars and trains. They are called vehicle/train accidents. These are not accidents. An accident is something that you do not intend to happen. Vehicle/train collisions are the result of sheer stupidity. This isnÂ’t the dawn of the railway. If you havenÂ’t mastered the art of driving without stopping on the train tracks, perhaps you should take the bus, possibly even the short bus.

People want to blame the lack of flashing lights and crossbars to block the intersections as the cause of these wrecks. Why donÂ’t you blame the real cause: the idiot who thinks he can beat the train? The moron who was in such a hurry that he couldnÂ’t stop four feet back from the tracks at a red light. How about the dullard who is too interested in his radio and/or cell phone to be bothered with the tons of steel and machinery barreling towards him? LetÂ’s not blame them; they have logic, reason, the ability to see and hear, and some sort of at least mediocre motor skills. (I know itÂ’s a stretch, but they get the license.) We should lay the blame on people with money that we can sue for millions because Larry HAD to send a text message.


Perhaps I could understand if trains didnÂ’t follow a specific path that is clearly marked by the train tracks. Maybe, if they were whisper-quiet and invisible, then, OK, the vehicle driver might have a leg to stand on. But itÂ’s no surprise when you are near a train crossing. There are big iron tracks on the ground. Trains are huge. They have the most powerful horns in the world. How do you not notice? ItÂ’s impossible. I live a mile away from a set of train tracks, and from inside my house, despite the blaring of TVs or the radio, I can hear the train. You canÂ’t tell me that, when you are five feet away, you canÂ’t hear it.

I am sure it’s a tragedy for those families and you have my sympathy, but as for the actual “victim,” well, it’s your own damn fault.

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