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Why You Should Study in Bangkok International Schools

Recently, many people have been seeking education in Thailand. This is mainly due to the quality of education on offer in this Asian country, courtesy of the top international schools in Bangkok.

Are you wondering why should join this bandwagon and start studying in Bangkok? Here are the features of these exceptional learning centers.

Excellent Education

5 Reasons To Go For Hair Transplant in Bangkok

In the past, the majority of people seeking hair transplants and other cosmetic surgery procedures went to Europe. The bias towards the west was understandable, as those countries are renowned for having an advanced medical infrastructure. This is no longer the case. Other destinations are gaining traction among prospective Bangkok hair transplant patients. For instance, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is now among the leading destinations for this corrective procedure.

So, why should you go for a hair transplant in Bangkok? Read on to discover the reasons.

5 Things To Ask Before Having Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand

Regardless of the reasons for seeking plastic surgery, it is important for a patient to weigh their options before undergoing such a procedure. This is because cosmetic surgery thailand, like any other medical procedure, will have a lasting effect on the body of the patient. Before settling on a final decision, it is imperative to ask the following questions;
Is surgery the best option?

Phuket boat trips

What better way to explore Thailand than to go on a Phuket boat tour and experience the mesmerizing sea and the beautiful Andaman Islands. Phuket boat trips are an essential part of your vacation because you get to visit world-famous places such as James Bond Island and Phi Phi Island.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Register Your Company in Thailand


If you plan to register your company or start a business in Thailand, you need to know the ways on how to do it.

Here are some of the fastest way to register your company or business in Thailand.

For dream stays, find Hotels in Sukhumvit


When you are looking for a city that is steeped in culture, has unique food and shopping that is never ending, you go to the go-to city; that’s Bangkok. And the place to be in Bangkok that offers you non-stop entertainment, excitement and thrills is Sukhumvit, a favourite of people throughout the world. To explore this magical place, one will need to linger few days here. This is because it is so packed with things to do. At the end of the day, you will want a special place to come back to, a place that will just be an extension of your trip, a place where the pleasure still goes on.

Explore the genius within at an International School of Bangkok


It’s hard to believe that there are over 100 international schools to be found in Thailand. That means when you want  your child to attend an international school of Bangkok, you will have to sift through the top ones,  narrowing your search down to just one or two that you love. But before doing that, look immediately at KIS International School, because it might save you a lot of time sorting through a list – you might just have found exactly what you are looking for.


Rent office Bangkok and never look back


Bangkok is a thriving and lively capital city of Thailand; many people think it is the main place to be in the whole of Asia. People come from all over the world to set up business here and many want to rent office Bangkok. There are heaps of options and heaps of good places, and one such place that brings in much interest and popularity is the Interchange21 building. You could say it is situated on the pulse of Bangkok, right in the heart of the city and within minutes of other exciting city destinations.


Thailand international school options and special features


International schools in Bangkok offer the most modern and sophisticated form of education to their students. They can design their classes according to the students’ specific needs. With the addition of new forms of learning and teaching, international schools are definitely the greatest way to educate your child in more than one aspects.


Sihanoukville Nightlife after Six


Situated on the Golf of Thailand, Sihanoukville is regarded as "Asia's next trendsetting beach" by the New York Times and there are solid reasons behind this claim. Besides its lovely beaches, friendly local community, rich historical background, fresh seafood, delicious Khmer cuisine, there is a lot to enjoy in Sihanoukville. Whether you are planning a trip with your family or you want to come alone, this beautiful beach resort has everything you need to make for a great vacation destination.


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