The Best Unknown Show on TV

Normally, Thursday night is going-out night, because it’s ladies’ night in the Capital City. But since I’m broke because gas is so high and Exxon made $10 billion in the last quarter off of me, I’m laying low at the crib, enjoying America’s favorite pastimes: watching TV and surfing the internet.While scanning my numerous channels (OK, I’ve only got basic cable ‘cuz the good cable is so damn high, too), I realized that there are a lot of reality shows on TV on Thursday night. Whatever happened to the good ol’ days, like when we had The Cosby Show? Yeah, you remember The Cosby Show, with Clair, Vanessa, Rudy, Theo, and, of course, Cockroach.
While changing the channel to something I hardly ever watch, because I canÂ’t relate to MTV, I came across RunÂ’s House, as in Reverend Run from Run-DMC. ItÂ’s the 2005 reality-TV version of the Huxtables.Run has two daughters and three sons. I can relate to a man my age with kids. What I canÂ’t relate to is that itÂ’s actually on MTV.

I’m giving it about ‘til mid-season before it’s cancelled, because the kids who normally watch Laguna Beach, Pimp My Ride, and Viva La Bam can’t even relate. Hell, even I can’t relate to a black man with money on TV.

But itÂ’s true; IÂ’m actually watching Run raise his kids on TV. No, his kids arenÂ’t bad; theyÂ’re decent, but theyÂ’ve got shortcomings and downfalls like everybody elseÂ’s kids.

So, IÂ’ll leave you with this: I can actually enjoy something on channel 73Â…oops, my bad, channel 72. All MTV channels look the same to me.

Baton Rouge Burning

OK, y’all thought I was gonna leave without mentioning the Confederate flag situation, but I’ve got something to say. For those who don’t have a problem with the flag, here’s the problem: What the flag stands for in your eyes is something totally different than what it stands for in my eyes. As you know, I am a brother (hence, “The Angry Black Man”). I’m not pissed that you see the flag as a sign of Southern heritage, but what you fail to realize is that black folks are Southerners, too, and in my eyes, it stands for slavery, not having the right to vote, and being a second-class citizen.

HereÂ’s a quick history lesson: LSUÂ’s first superintendent was actually William Tecumseh Sherman. Yeah, thatÂ’s right, the same cat who went on to burn his way across the South as a Union general. So for those of you who didnÂ’t know thatÂ…hell, I canÂ’t believe I actually know that, but thatÂ’s history for you.

And where would LSU be without black students? Where would LSU be without black student athletes? There wouldnÂ’t be a 2003 National Championship. There wouldnÂ’t be a Shaq, a Rudy Macklin, a Dalton Hilliard, or a Garry James, because they wouldnÂ’t be allowed to attend LSU because theyÂ’re black.

So what IÂ’m saying to you is that the flag can be used against you (i.e., recruiting black athletes and scholars from outside the South). Be smart with it. DonÂ’t let the flag count against you. While I believe you should be proud to be from the South, there are a lot of black folks with Southern pride, too.

Peace Out,


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