Benefits of Eyelash Lift

An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your natural eyelashes in a matter of minutes. This is an ideal alternative to eyelash extensions and needs minimal maintenance. It usually lasts anywhere between 6-8 weeks. A lash lift will help give the impression of a wider natural look. Here are some benefits that come with a lash lift according to red shtick magazine.

They give the impression of longer lashes
Some women have natural eyelashes that face downwards which makes them look short. A lash lift treatment will give the illusion of longer and fuller lashes. Eyelash lifts can be performed on people with different lash lengths and thickness, so you will still get beautiful results with your short lashes.

Intensifies the attraction of your natural lashes
With lash lifts, there is nothing will involve the use of glue. The beautiful look that you will achieve is the real you. There are no artificial lashes added.

They are low maintenance
Eyelash lifts are quick procedures that require minimal maintenance. You will only need to visit your eyelash technician every 6-12 weeks so it’s an ideal treatment for anyone.

They are cheap
When compared to lash extensions, lash lifts are cheaper. In general, eyelash operations can cost between $70 to $140. On the other hand, lash treatments cost between $150 to $350 and you may have to see your aesthetician for patch ups regularly increasing the costs.

More lasting results
Lash lifts provide a longer lasting outcome than lash extensions. An eyelash lift will look good for 8 to 12 weeks, while lash extensions will last a maximum of 4 weeks.

Quick treatment times
Lash lifts will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. The actual eye lifts may take around 20 minutes. If you are short of time, this is the ideal “lunchtime” procedure. No downtime!

Its nourishing
There are no harsh chemicals and glues used. An eyelift procedure actually has nourishing effects that can help to strengthen your natural lashes thus, reducing breakages. Actually many women say their natural lashes grow better after an eyelash lift.

If you have been sitting on the fence about getting an eyelash lift, the above benefits should be reason enough for you to plan a visit to your favorite aesthetician soon. It’s a subtle change that will leave people guessing.

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