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The Great Big StoryYet another big Hollywood production is headed to Louisiana. Production is set to begin in Iberville Parish later this year on Anal Traffic XXXVI: Sphincters of Fire. A project of Los Angeles-based Wankerville Studios, the latest chapter in the award-winning saga stars Heady Lamar and Justin Thundercock, and features a cameo appearance by Driver the Wonder Mule. 

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Our United States Supreme Court is finally shining the light of Christian righteousness throughout this great country in the form of last monthÂ’s ruling that affirms a federal law banning partial-birth abortions. This light is, in fact, a train. ItÂ’s a great locomotive of justice rumbling through this great country that will not and cannot be stopped. 
Thankfully, some of our...

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The Great Big Story
Sampson Julius “Lil’ Bit” Beckett begs to differ with the corporate powers that be; there’s lots of coke on the north end of the city. “I ain’t trying to start no trouble, but they already got a lot of coke up there. They make it in a old rent house by the airport,” Beckett reported to friends in May.
Other residents agreed, saying vast supplies of coke...

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The Great Big StoryBATON ROUGE – In a shocking management shakeup, company founder Deonaedris Williams was abruptly ousted in June as chairman and chief executive of Dee’s Fix-it-Shop.“While Mr. Williams’ departure was unexpected by many of our shareholders and customers, we believe our decision is in the best interest of the company’s long-term strategic and financial goals,” the...

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The Great Big Story
BATON ROUGE – Calling it “quite simply a coup,” LSU Chancellor Sean O’Keefe announced last month the university ended its long-running search for a new system president by hiring the Rancor to succeed William Jenkins.
“While the university family was blessed to have President Jenkins, we’re overjoyed to replace him with someone of such impeccable character,” O’...